This library is implemented with the Modelica 3.1 language. Additionally, some extensions to the Modelica language are used, in order to guarantee that only valid StateGraph2 graphs are accepted by a Modelica tool. It is planned to introduce these new language elements into the next version 3.2 of the Modelica language. This means, only Modelica tools will be able to process this Modelica_StateGraph2 package, if the following (non-standard) extensions of Modelica are supported:

Connection Graphs for State Diagrams (new section 9.4.2)

In order that a Modelica translator can guarantee the connection structure of hierarchical state diagrams, some additional operators are needed for the virtual connection graph. This special virtual connection graph is called "virtual state diagram graph" in the sequel. Virtual state diagram graphs are undirected graphs having overdetermined type or record instances as nodes. The branches are defined by connect(..) and by Connections.branch(..) statements. With the new operators Connections.uniqueRoot(..) and Connections.uniqueRootIndices(..) restrictions to the graph are introduced, as defined in the following table. If one node of a virtual connection graph is marked with uniqueRoot(..), then a virtual state diagram graph is present and it is not allowed to apply the operators Connections.root(..), Connections.potentialRoot, or Connections.isRoot(..) on a node of this graph.

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