Library Modelica_Synchronous is a Modelica package to precisely define and synchronize sampled data systems with different sampling rates. This package contains the user's guide for the library and has the following content:

  1. Getting started contains an introduction to the most important features and how to use them at hand of examples.
  2. Literature provides references that have been used to design and implement this library.
  3. Release Notes summarizes the differences between different versions of this library.
  4. Modelica License 2 is the legal license text under which this library is submitted.
  5. Requirements sketches the requirements on a Modelica tool, in order that this library can be utilized.
  6. Contact provides information about the authors of the library as well as acknowledgments.


Name Description
 GettingStarted Getting started
 Clocks Clocks
 Literature Literature
 ReleaseNotes Release notes
 ModelicaLicense2 Modelica License 2
 Requirements Requirements
 Contact Contact

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