The Noise library is developed to consistently define an algorithmically random source in Modelica. Care has been taken to develop a source which has a high statistical randomness. This is illustrated in an example. Furthermore, care has been taken to generate a continuous, event-free source to avoid extremely high performance penalties due to integrator restarts

Potential applications are:

If you want to refer to this library, please cite the following publication:

Klöckner, A., van der Linden, F.L.J., & Zimmer, D. (2014), Noise Generation for Continuous System Simulation.
In Proceedings of the 10th International Modelica Conference, Lund, Sweden.

Licensed by the DLR German Aerospace Center under the Modelica License 2
Copyright © 2014, DLR.

This Modelica package is free software and the use is completely at your own risk; it can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Modelica License 2. For license conditions (including the disclaimer of warranty) see UsersGuide.ModelicaLicense2 or visit https://www.modelica.org/licenses/ModelicaLicense2.


 UsersGuideUser's Guide
 GlobalSeedModel to define global seed value
 PRNGGeneric signal generator block for various pseudo-random signals
 ExamplesSome example models
 RNGRandom number generators
 PDFProbability density functions
 PSDPower spectral density functions
 SeedA number of seeding functions
 UtilitiesUtility models and stuff


Developed 2014 at the DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control

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