Dynamic exponential recovery load according to Karlsson & Hill [1].
with external input of P0 and Q0.

The load powers are given by:

  der(xp) = P0*(V^(as) - V^at) - xp/Tp;
  Pl = (xp/Tp + P0*V^at);
  der(xq) = Q0*(V^(bs) - V^bt) - xq/Tq;
  Ql = (xq/Tq + Q0*V^bt);

where xp is a continuous dynamic state that can be interpreted as a
measure of the energy deficit in the load and Ps(V) = P0*V^as
is the steady-state and Pt(V)=P0*V^at the transient voltage dependency.
Pl is the actual active load power and Tp is the active power recovery
time constant.

For the reactive load power, a similar model is used with corresponding
characteristics x_q, Qs(V)=Q0 V^bs, Qt(V) = Q0 V^bt and time constant Tq.

[1] D. Karlsson and D.J. Hill, "Modelling and identification of nonlinear
dynamic loads in power systems", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems,
vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 157-163, February 1994.

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