Example 5.8 [Schavemaker 2008]

The given grid has a bias factor of λ=266.6 MW/Hz. The simpleGen is generating 100 MW in order to supply the the internal grid load of 100 MW. The system is in balance.

At t=10s the grid loses 133.3 MW of production (see loadStep parameters>) and now two different cases can be investigated:

No self-regulation

When simulating the system with the setting of grid.mu=0 one should expect the frequency difference ΔF (see grid.dF.y) to settle down at Δf = -0.5 Hz.

With self-regulation

Changing the setting of the self-regulation to grid.mu=2 should now result in a frequency difference Δf (see grid.dF.y) that settles down at a slighly lower Δf ≈ -0.496 Hz.

Note: When doing the calculation based by hand and calculating the new λ which includes the effect of self-regulation based on Δf = -0.5 Hz one will get a smaller expected Δf than the simulation shows. Can you think why?

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