The OpenIPSL has, basically, six packages: Examples, Electrical, Nonelectrical, Interfaces, Icons and Types. They are briefly described below:

The Electrical package has many other subpackages that are briefly described here. It also contains one model, SystemBase, which is going to be explained later in Getting Started. Within each subpackage, the user will find models grouped into software tools from which each model design was extracted.

Subpackage Description
Controls Models that represent controllers used in machines. Exciters, stabilizers and governors for example.
Banks Models that represent shunt devices that compensate reactive power.
Branches Models that represent devices that connect two or more buses. Transformers and power lines are perfect examples.
Buses Models that represent nodes of a circuit.
Events Models that can be used for the representation of events in a power system. Examples are faults and breakers.
FACTS Models that represent devices used in the Flexible AC Transmission System paradigm.
Loads Models that represent various types of loads in a power system.
Machines Models that represent the rotating electrical machines connected to a power system such as generators and motors.
Sensors Models that can represent sensors used in a real power system.
Solar Models that represent photovoltaic solar cells and their interface to the grid.
ThreePhase Models that can represent three-phase grids. More information can be found in the package's documentation.
Wind Models that represent wind generators and their controls.
Essentials Contains the pfComponent model that is extended for purposes of initialization with power flow results.

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