Continuous Integration

The OpenIPSL repository uses GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration services to the repository. In the current implementation, Modelica syntax and HTML documentation checking for all classes in the OpenIPSL is implemented

Regression Testing

These tests are used to ensure the validation status of models that are based on PSSE implementations. The models undergo simulations with different events such as faults, reference changes and load variations. The main idea is to try to capture different responses from the model being verified. If a model has a very small error if compared to PSSE base result for that simulation, it passes a test. A model is considered to be verified if it passes all tests. Models that pass the verification procedure have a green dashed line around them.

The regression testing is done separately in different Modelica-compliant tools (OpenModelica and Dymola, for now) so models can be independently verified. A detailed view of all models that undergo the verification process can be found in the NYPA Model Transformation reports. The entire result verification procedure is done using CSV-Compare.

Automatic regression testing is not yet configured in our Travis CI routine.

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