translates a modelica model into a Functional Mockup Unit.
The only required argument is the className, while all others have some default values.
  Example command:
  buildModelFMU(className, version="2.0");


function buildModelFMU
  input TypeName className "the class that should translated";
  input String version = "2.0" "FMU version, 1.0 or 2.0.";
  input String fmuType = "me" "FMU type, me (model exchange), cs (co-simulation), me_cs (both model exchange and co-simulation)";
  input String fileNamePrefix = "<default>" "fileNamePrefix. <default> = \"className\"";
  input String platforms[:] = {"static"} "The list of platforms to generate code for. \"dynamic\"=current platform, dynamically link the runtime. \"static\"=current platform, statically link everything. Else, use a host triple, e.g. \"x86_64-linux-gnu\" or \"x86_64-w64-mingw32\"";
  input Boolean includeResources = false "include Modelica based resources via loadResource or not";
  output String generatedFileName "Returns the full path of the generated FMU.";
end buildModelFMU;

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