Valid translationLevel strings are: flat, optimiser (runs the backend until sorting/matching), backEnd, or stateSpace.


function dumpXMLDAE
  input TypeName className;
  input String translationLevel = "flat" "flat, optimiser, backEnd, or stateSpace";
  input Boolean addOriginalAdjacencyMatrix = false;
  input Boolean addSolvingInfo = false;
  input Boolean addMathMLCode = false;
  input Boolean dumpResiduals = false;
  input String fileNamePrefix = "<default>" "this is the className in string form by default";
  input String rewriteRulesFile = "" "the file from where the rewiteRules are read, default is empty which means no rewrite rules";
  output Boolean success "if the function succeeded true/false";
  output String xmlfileName "the Xml file";
end dumpXMLDAE;

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