Takes one simulation result and filters out the selected variables only, producing the output file.

If numberOfIntervals<>0, re-sample to that number of intervals, ignoring event points (might be changed in the future).

if removeDescription=true, the description matrix will contain 0-length strings, making the file smaller.

if hintReadAllVars=true, the whole mat-file will be read at once (this is faster but uses more memory if you only use few variables from the file). May cause a crash if there is not enough virtual memory.


function filterSimulationResults
  input String inFile;
  input String outFile;
  input String[:] vars;
  input Integer numberOfIntervals = 0 "0=Do not resample";
  input Boolean removeDescription = false;
  input Boolean hintReadAllVars = true;
  output Boolean success;
end filterSimulationResults;


1.13.0sjoelund.seIntroduced removeDescription.

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