Returns class information for the given class.

The dimensions are returned as an array of strings. The string is the textual representation of the dimension (they are not evaluated to Integers).


function getClassInformation
  input TypeName cl;
  output String restriction, comment;
  output Boolean partialPrefix, finalPrefix, encapsulatedPrefix;
  output String fileName;
  output Boolean fileReadOnly;
  output Integer lineNumberStart, columnNumberStart, lineNumberEnd, columnNumberEnd;
  output String dimensions[:];
  output Boolean isProtectedClass;
  output Boolean isDocumentationClass;
  output String version;
  output String preferredView;
  output Boolean state;
  output String access;
  output String versionDate;
  output String versionBuild;
  output String dateModified;
  output String revisionId;
end getClassInformation;

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