Returns the components found in the given class.


function getComponentsTest
  input TypeName name;
  output Component[:] components;

  record Component
    String className "the type of the component";
    String name "the name of the component";
    String comment "the comment of the component";
    Boolean isProtected "true if component is protected";
    Boolean isFinal "true if component is final";
    Boolean isFlow "true if component is flow";
    Boolean isStream "true if component is stream";
    Boolean isReplaceable "true if component is replaceable";
    String variability "'constant', 'parameter', 'discrete', ''";
    String innerOuter "'inner', 'outer', ''";
    String inputOutput "'input', 'output', ''";
    String dimensions[:] "array with the dimensions of the component";
  end Component;
end getComponentsTest;


Name Description

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