Imports the Functional Mockup Unit
  Example command:


function importFMU
  input String filename "the fmu file name";
  input String workdir = "<default>" "The output directory for imported FMU files. <default> will put the files to current working directory.";
  input Integer loglevel = 3 "loglevel_nothing=0;loglevel_fatal=1;loglevel_error=2;loglevel_warning=3;loglevel_info=4;loglevel_verbose=5;loglevel_debug=6";
  input Boolean fullPath = false "When true the full output path is returned otherwise only the file name.";
  input Boolean debugLogging = false "When true the FMU's debug output is printed.";
  input Boolean generateInputConnectors = true "When true creates the input connector pins.";
  input Boolean generateOutputConnectors = true "When true creates the output connector pins.";
  input TypeName modelName = $Code(Default) "Name of the generated model. If default then the name is auto generated using FMU information.";
  output String generatedFileName "Returns the full path of the generated file.";
end importFMU;

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