Pretty-prints a class definition.




list() pretty-prints the whole of the loaded AST while list(className) lists a class and its children. It keeps all annotations and comments intact but strips out any comments and normalizes white-space.

list(className,interfaceOnly=true) works on functions and pretty-prints only the interface parts (annotations and protected sections removed). String-comments on public variables are kept.

If the specified class does not exist (or is not a function when interfaceOnly is given), the empty string is returned.


function list
  input TypeName class_ = $Code(AllLoadedClasses);
  input Boolean interfaceOnly = false;
  input Boolean shortOnly = false "only short class definitions";
  input ExportKind exportKind = ExportKind.Absyn;
  output String contents;
end list;


Revision Author Comment
16124 sjoelund.se Added replaced exportAsCode option with exportKind (selecting which kind of unparsing to use)
10796 sjoelund.se Added shortOnly option
10756 sjoelund.se Added interfaceOnly option

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