Modelica3D requires some changes to the standard ModelicaServices in order to work correctly. These changes will make your MultiBody models unable to simulate because they need an object declared as:

inner ModelicaServices.Modelica3D.Controller m3d_control

Example session:

loadString("model DoublePendulum
  extends Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Examples.Elementary.DoublePendulum;
  inner ModelicaServices.Modelica3D.Controller m3d_control;
end DoublePendulum;");getErrorString();
system("python " + getInstallationDirectoryPath() + "/lib/omlibrary-modelica3d/osg-gtk/dbus-server.py &");getErrorString();

This API call will load the modified ModelicaServices 3.2.1 so Modelica3D runs. You can also simply call loadModel(ModelicaServices,{"3.2.1 modelica3d"});

You will also need to start an m3d backend to render the results. We hid them in $OPENMODELICAHOME/lib/omlibrary-modelica3d/osg-gtk/dbus-server.py (or blender2.59).

For more information and example models, visit the Modelica3D wiki.


function loadModelica3D
  input String version = "3.2.1";
  output Boolean status;
end loadModelica3D;

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