Parses the data and merges the resulting AST with ithe
  loaded AST.
  If a filename is given, it is used to provide error-messages as if the string
was read in binary format from a file with the same name.
  The file is converted to UTF-8 from the given character set.
  When merge is true the classes cNew in the file will be merged with the already loaded classes cOld in the following way:
   1. get all the inner class definitions from cOld that were loaded from a different file than itself
   2. append all elements from step 1 to class cNew public list

  NOTE: Encoding is deprecated as *ALL* strings are now UTF-8 encoded.


function loadString
  input String data;
  input String filename = "<interactive>";
  input String encoding = "UTF-8" "Deprecated as *ALL* strings are now UTF-8 encoded";
  input Boolean merge = false "if merge is true the parsed AST is merged with the existing AST, default to false which means that is replaced, not merged";
  output Boolean success;
end loadString;

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