Save the className model in a single file, together with all
   the other classes that it depends upon, directly and indirectly.
   This file can be later reloaded with the loadFile() API function,
   which loads className and all the other needed classes into memory.
   This is useful to allow third parties to run a certain model (e.g. for debugging)
   without worrying about all the library dependencies.
   Please note that SaveTotal file is not a valid Modelica .mo file according to the
   specification, and cannot be loaded in OMEdit - it can only be loaded with loadFile().


function saveTotalModel
  input String fileName;
  input TypeName className;
  input Boolean stripAnnotations = false;
  input Boolean stripComments = false;
  input Boolean obfuscate = false;
  output Boolean success;
end saveTotalModel;

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