Modelica library for the simulation of photo voltaic cells, modules and plants. The library provides:

Application examples

Phileas Rover

The maximum power harvest of a solar pyramid, which may be applicable to the Phileas Rover of the Austrian Space Forum, OEWF, can be investigated by the PhotoVoltaics libraray.

TGM Photovoltaic Power Plants

Actual irradiance and electric power measurement data of the TGM power plants Trina and Comax in are provided in the PhotoVoltaics_TGM library. Measurements and simulation results can be compared by the provided example models. The PhotoVoltaics_TGM library relies on the Buildings library.


The library was developed during a Diploma project at the Technical Engineering College, TGM, Wexstraße 19-23, 1200 Vienna, Austria. Library authors are

The three phase transient multi phase converter was contributed by Luiz Bueno, RWTH Aachen, Germany.


This libray was awarded with the second price at library award of the 13th Modelica Confernce, Regensburg 2019.


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