Model of a PQ load with voltage dependence.

port.P = PRef*(port.U/URef)^alpha;
port.Q = QRef*(port.U/URef)^beta.

By default

PRef = PRefConst
QRef = QRefConst,

so by just setting the PRefConst and QRefConst parameters one can obtain a PQ source with fixed reference P and Q values.

It is possible to change the binding of PRef and QRef when instantiating the model, to obtain time-varying PQ loads without the need of signal generator blocks, e.g.

LoadPQVoltageDependence myLoad(PRef = 1e8 + (if time < 10 then 0 else 1e7));

in which case, the constant reference value PRefConst is ignored. Alternatively, one can use the LoadPQVoltageDependenceInputs model that has input connectors for PRef and QRef.

By default alpha = beta = 0 so there is no voltage dependence.

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