Model of a sychronous machine with four windings. The transformer voltage terms are neglected if neglectTransformerTerms=true. The model parameters refer directly to internal physical parameters such as inductances and resistances.

The model is taken from the theory manual of the Eurostag software. For consistency with the base class OnePortACdq, however, the currents ifPu, idPu and iqPu are all assumed to be positive entering, while the Eurostag manual assumes them to be all positive leaving. Therefore, all the current and fluxes have an opposite sign in the Park equations.

This model is in fact equivalent to the model described in Kundur, Power Systems Stability and Control, Chapter 3, except for the current sign conventions, which in that case are assumed to be positive entering for the rotor winding and positive leaving for the direct and quadrature stator axes. The correspondance of the parameter symbols is given in the table, all parameters are in p.u. referred to the machine rated values.

raPuRaArmature resistance
rDPuR1dResistance of the direct axis damper
rfPuRfdResistance of the excitation windings
rQ1R1qResistance of the quadrature axis 1st damper
rQ2R2qResistance of the quadrature axis 2nd damper
MdPuLadDirect axis mutual inductance
MqPuLaqQuadrature axis mutual inductance
LdPuLlDirect axis stator leakage
LqPuLlQuadrature axis stator leakage
LDPuL1dDirect axis damper leakage
LQ1PuL1qQuadrature axis 1st damper leakage
LQ2PuL2qQuadrature axis 2nd damper leakage
LfPuLfdExcitation winding leakage
mrcPuLfld-LadCanay's mutual inductance

Two different choices of base excitation voltage are available

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