This test case is the same as SynchronousMachine4Windings, except that the accurate time constant estimation is performed.

The use of homotopy may be necessary to achieve convergence of the intital equations, as the solution is first computed for the classical approximation, for which convergence is easily achieved, and then brought to the accurate (but less numerically robust) one by a continuous homotopy path.

The external parameters are the same as in SynchronousMachine4Windings. The computed internal parameters are shown in the following table

PowerGridsMeaningApprox. ValueAccurate ValueUnit
LdPuDirect axis stator leakage0.150.15pu
MdPuDirect axis mutual inductance1.661.66pu
LDPuDirect axis damper leakage0.17140.1716pu
rDPuDirect axis damper resistance0.02840.0278pu
LfPuExcitation winding leakage0.16490.16480.1699pu
rfPuExcitation windings resistance0.0006050.0006190.000618pu
LqPuQuadrature axis stator leakage
MqPuQuadrature axis mutual inductance1.611.611.61pu
LQ1PuQuadrature axis 1st damper leakage0.72520.96820.9282pu
rQ1PuQuadrature axis 1st damper resistance0.006190.008680.00770pu
LQ2PuQuadrature axis 2nd damper leakage0.12500.11980.1205pu
rQ2PuQuadrature axis 2nd damper resistance0.023680.021630.0235pu

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