This package contents dedicated icons for the basic components.


mySourceIcon for fixed source node
myPVIcon for PV node
myBatteryIcon for fixed source node
myLoadIcon for load node
myCapacitorBankIcon for capacitor bank
myLineIcon for line
myTransformerIcon for transformer
myBreakerIcon for breaker
myBusIcon for causal bus
myRegulationIcon for tape changer
myFaultIcon for fault
mySubNetworkIcon for sub-network
mySensorIcon for sensor
myTwoPortsACCompleting two ports AC icon
myOnePortACCompleting one port AC icon
myFunctionIcon for functions
myExampleIcon for runnable tests and examples
myRecordIcon for records
myPackageIcon for standard packages
myBasesPackageIcon for packages containing base classes
mySensorsPackageIcon for packages containing sensors
myInterfacesPackageIcon for packages containing interfaces
myExamplesPackageIcon for packages containing tests and examples
myInformationIcon for general information packages
myReleaseNotesIcon for general information
myContactIcon for contact information

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