Modelica Library that contains Modelica models of our Realtime-Coordination-Patterns.


Name Description
UsersGuide User's Guide
 Examples This package provides examples of pattern use.
Fail_Operational_Delegation This pattern realizes a delegation of a task from a role master to a role slave
Master_Slave_Assignment This pattern is used if two systems can dynamically change between one state in which they have equal rights and another state in which one is the master and the other one is the slave.
Turn_Transmission This pattern synchronizes the behavior of two systems in such a way, that never two systems are active at the same time. But both systems may be inactive at the same time.
Limit_Observation This pattern is used to communicate if a certain value violates a defined limit or not.
Fail_Safe_Delegation This pattern realizes a delegation of a task from a role master to a role slave.
Synchronized_Collaboration This pattern synchronizes the activation and deactivation of a collaboration of two systems.
 Block_Execution This pattern coordinates a blocking of actions, e.g., due to safety-critical reasons.
Periodic_Transmission This pattern can be used to periodically transmit information from a sender to a receiver.
Producer_Consumer This pattern is used when two roles shall access a safety-critical section alternately.

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