MoneyMoney in australian dollars
Time_yearTime in years
to_yearConvert from second to year
from_yearConvert from year to second
EnergyPriceEnergy price in dollars per Julious
EnergyPrice_kWhEnergy price in dollars per kilo Watt hour
to_MWhConvert from Joule to mega Watt hour
from_MWhConvert from mega Watt hour to Joule
EnergyPrice_MWhEnergy price in dollars per mega Watt hour
Energy_MWhEnergy in mega watt hours
to_dollarperMWhConvert from dollar per Joule to dollar per mega Watt hour
from_dollarperMWhConvert from dollar per mega Watt hour to dollar per Joule
AreaPriceArea price in dollars per square meters
PowerPricePower price in dollars per Watts
PowerPrice_kWPower price in dollars per kilo Watts
Solar_anglesEnumeration defining the solar angles
CurrencyEnumeration defining the money currency

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