The TAeZoSysPro librairy

Version 3.1.0

This package with all of its subpackages contains the elements of the “ TAeZoSysPro ” librairie version 3.1.0

1. What is TAeZoSysPro ?
2. Library structure
3. Main uses

1. What is TAeZoSysPro ?

The TAeZoSysPro library for Thermo-AEraulic ZOnal SYStem PROfessionnal is used to provide mathematical models of HVAC systems within buildings for both steady state and transient conditions within an industrial framework. The Modules of the library are able to model multispecies, multiphase media. The description of the multi-phase model is available in the released notes. Two approach are treated here:


  1. “ The simple thermal mode ” makes the hypothesis that the pressure remains constant during all the process or the transformation. Then the two remaining state variables are the density and the temperature. The last are link to by a state law. Therefore it has been chosen to use the temperature as explicit variable. The equation solved with the simple thermal mode is the first law of thermodynamic being energy conservation throught en enthalpic balance.

  2. “ The multi-zonal mode ” do not make any other hypotheses and the solved the change of state variables such as the pressure, the density and temperature via the conservation of mass, momentum and energy coupled with a state law.

2. Library structure

The libraries have been developed from basic components each of which model one precise phenomenon in such a way that more complex mathematical models can be created by joining / assembling these basic components. Most of the basic components are situated in the “ BasesClasses ” package. The complex “ complex ” components made of an assembling are situated in the “ Components ” package. The components are designed in a way that each contains only the equations of conservation (said capacitive components) or flux calculations (resitive components). The equation are coded in a way so that they are suitable for modelling many medium (one or multi-species, condensable or not...) and the medium modelled and its properties are given by equations contained in the package named “Media”.

3. Main uses



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