This package allows to describe the flow of active power between synchronous generators and an AC grid with loads. Ideal voltage control and idealized generator are considered, that only take into account the exchange of active power flow as a function of the relative voltage angle.

These models are meant to be used as simplified boundary conditions for a thermal power plant model, rather than be used for full multi-domain modelling of the coupling between the thermal power generation and the electrical power transmission and consumption. Specialized libraries should be used for the latter purpose; bear in mind, however, that full three-phase models of electrical machinery and power lines could make the power plant simulation substantially slower, due to the wide separation of the dynamics of interest, unless specialized multi-rate simulation algorithms are employed.


Name Description
 PowerConnection Electrical power connector
 Grid Ideal grid with finite droop
 Generator Active power generator
 TransmissionLine Idealized inductive transmission line model
 Breaker Circuit breaker
 Load Electrical load
 PowerSensor Measures active power flow through the component
 FrequencySensor Measures the frequency at the connector

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