WindPowerPlants Library

The WindPowerPlants library is an open source library for the simulation of wind power plants. The library provides models of wind turbines, generators and control.

Short description

In the presented version of the library wind turbine models are modeled with pitch control. The generator models have variable speed and an optional connector to the mains. The entire library is based on power balance conditions and losses are fully neglected. Yet, the library can be extended towards more detailed models considering different types of losses.

The WindPowerPlants library does not model all the controllers that a real wind power plant has. Instead, the intention was to model the overall behavior of wind power plants in such a way, that the major operating conditions are fulfilled. Therefore, only mechanical dynamics are taken into account. Electrical transients are fully neglected. There is yet an electrical interface available to couple electrical networks with one or more wind power plants. This electrical interface to the mains is based on a quasi static polyphase connector.



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