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2006-03-13 00:55
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2006-03-25 17:58
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adrpo 2006-03-25 17:58 Rev.: 2251

Eh, not needed, I can generate it later if we switch to VC2005.

0 lines of code changed in 110 files:

  • Compiler/VC8/rmlRuntime/runtime/common: arr-add.c (del), arr-create.c (del), arr-length.c (del), arr-list.c (del), arr-nth.c (del), arr-setnth.c (del), arr-update.c (del), arr-vec.c (del), bool-and.c (del), bool-not.c (del), bool-or.c (del), external-rml.c (del), int-abs.c (del), int-add.c (del), int-div.c (del), int-eq.c (del), int-ge.c (del), int-gt.c (del), int-int.c (del), int-le.c (del), int-lt.c (del), int-max.c (del), int-min.c (del), int-mod.c (del), int-mul.c (del), int-ne.c (del), int-neg.c (del), int-real.c (del), int-str.c (del), int-sub.c (del), list-append.c (del), list-arr.c (del), list-delete.c (del), list-length.c (del), list-member.c (del), list-nth.c (del), list-reverse.c (del), list-str.c (del), list-vec.c (del), lvar-get.c (del), lvar-new.c (del), lvar-set.c (del), main.c (del), misc-clock.c (del), misc-print.c (del), misc-tick.c (del), p-atoi.c (del), p-clock.c (del), p-equal.c (del), p-gccore.c (del), p-gccore.h (del), p-gcuser-block.c (del), p-gcuser-plain.c (del), p-get-real.c (del), p-init.c (del), p-mkreal.c (del), p-mkstring.c (del), p-motor.c (del), p-nil.c (del), p-once.c (del), p-set-real.c (del), p-stringeq.c (del), p-unwind.c (del), p-usergc.c (del), real-abs.c (del), real-add.c (del), real-atan.c (del), real-cos.c (del), real-div.c (del), real-eq.c (del), real-exp.c (del), real-floor.c (del), real-ge.c (del), real-gt.c (del), real-int.c (del), real-le.c (del), real-ln.c (del), real-lt.c (del), real-max.c (del), real-min.c (del), real-mod.c (del), real-mul.c (del), real-ne.c (del), real-neg.c (del), real-pow.c (del), real-sin.c (del), real-sqrt.c (del), real-str.c (del), real-sub.c (del), rml-core.h (del), rml-predef.h (del), rml-state.h (del), str-append.c (del), str-int.c (del), str-length.c (del), str-list.c (del), str-nth.c (del), str-setnth.c (del), vec-add.c (del), vec-arr.c (del), vec-create.c (del), vec-length.c (del), vec-list.c (del), vec-nth.c (del), vec-setnth.c (del), vec-update.c (del), z-agptr.h (del), z-joing.h (del), z-lgptr.h (del), z-split.h (del)
adrpo 2006-03-13 07:07 Rev.: 2209

- removed unused imports from .rml files
- fixed rml2sig/ to dump .sig instead of .rsig
- fixed Makefile.omdev.mingw to not copy *.sig only *.srz to omc_debug and omc_release

68 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • Compiler/VC8/rmlRuntime/runtime/common: arr-nth.c (+40 -40), vec-nth.c (+28 -29)
adrpo 2006-03-13 00:55 Rev.: 2208

Added VC8 for compiling OpenModelica with VC2005

69 lines of code changed in 110 files:

  • Compiler/VC8/rmlRuntime/runtime/common: arr-add.c (new), arr-create.c (new), arr-length.c (new), arr-list.c (new), arr-nth.c (new 40), arr-setnth.c (new), arr-update.c (new), arr-vec.c (new), bool-and.c (new), bool-not.c (new), bool-or.c (new), external-rml.c (new), int-abs.c (new), int-add.c (new), int-div.c (new), int-eq.c (new), int-ge.c (new), int-gt.c (new), int-int.c (new), int-le.c (new), int-lt.c (new), int-max.c (new), int-min.c (new), int-mod.c (new), int-mul.c (new), int-ne.c (new), int-neg.c (new), int-real.c (new), int-str.c (new), int-sub.c (new), list-append.c (new), list-arr.c (new), list-delete.c (new), list-length.c (new), list-member.c (new), list-nth.c (new), list-reverse.c (new), list-str.c (new), list-vec.c (new), lvar-get.c (new), lvar-new.c (new), lvar-set.c (new), main.c (new), misc-clock.c (new), misc-print.c (new), misc-tick.c (new), p-atoi.c (new), p-clock.c (new), p-equal.c (new), p-gccore.c (new), p-gccore.h (new), p-gcuser-block.c (new), p-gcuser-plain.c (new), p-get-real.c (new), p-init.c (new), p-mkreal.c (new), p-mkstring.c (new), p-motor.c (new), p-nil.c (new), p-once.c (new), p-set-real.c (new), p-stringeq.c (new), p-unwind.c (new), p-usergc.c (new), real-abs.c (new), real-add.c (new), real-atan.c (new), real-cos.c (new), real-div.c (new), real-eq.c (new), real-exp.c (new), real-floor.c (new), real-ge.c (new), real-gt.c (new), real-int.c (new), real-le.c (new), real-ln.c (new), real-lt.c (new), real-max.c (new), real-min.c (new), real-mod.c (new), real-mul.c (new), real-ne.c (new), real-neg.c (new), real-pow.c (new), real-sin.c (new), real-sqrt.c (new), real-str.c (new), real-sub.c (new), rml-core.h (new), rml-predef.h (new), rml-state.h (new), str-append.c (new), str-int.c (new), str-length.c (new), str-list.c (new), str-nth.c (new), str-setnth.c (new), vec-add.c (new), vec-arr.c (new), vec-create.c (new), vec-length.c (new), vec-list.c (new), vec-nth.c (new 29), vec-setnth.c (new), vec-update.c (new), z-agptr.h (new), z-joing.h (new), z-lgptr.h (new), z-split.h (new)
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