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2011-01-13 14:05
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2011-02-16 10:22
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Most Recent Commits

adrpo 2011-02-16 10:22 Rev.: 7936

- moved omniORB to OMDev\lib

0 lines of code changed in 85 files:

  • OMEdit/omniORB-4.1.4-mingw/src/lib/omniORB/orbcore/debug: GIOP_C.o (del), GIOP_S.o (del), Namingstub.o (del), SocketCollection.o (del), anonObject.o (del), bootstrapstub.o (del), callDescriptor.o (del), callHandle.o (del), cdrMemoryStream.o (del), cdrStream.o (del), cdrStreamAdapter.o (del), cdrValueChunkStream.o (del), codeSets.o (del), constants.o (del), corbaBoa.o (del), corbaFixed.o (del), corbaObject.o (del), corbaOrb.o (del), corbaString.o (del), corbaWString.o (del), cs-16bit.o (del), cs-8859-1.o (del), cs-8bit.o (del), cs-UTF-16.o (del), cs-UTF-8.o (del), current.o (del), dynamicLib.o (del), exception.o (del), exceptn.o (del), giopBiDir.o (del), giopEndpoint.o (del), giopImpl10.o (del), giopImpl11.o (del), giopImpl12.o (del), giopMonitor.o (del), giopRendezvouser.o (del), giopRope.o (del), giopServer.o (del), giopStrand.o (del), giopStream.o (del), giopStreamImpl.o (del), giopWorker.o (del), inProcessIdentity.o (del), initRefs.o (del), interceptors.o (del), invoker.o (del), ior.o (del), libcWrapper.o (del), libmsvcstubd.a (del), libomniORB4d.a (del), localIdentity.o (del), localObject.o (del), logIOstream.o (del), minorCode.o (del), msvcdllstub.o (del), objectAdapter.o (del), objectStub.o (del), omniIOR.o (del), omniIdentity.o (del), omniInternal.o (del), omniORB.o (del), omniObjRef.o (del), omniPolicy.o (del), omniServant.o (del), omniTransport.o (del), orbOptions.o (del), orbOptionsFile.o (del), orbOptionsReg.o (del), poa.o (del), poamanager.o (del), poastubs.o (del), policy.o (del), portableserver.o (del), proxyFactory.o (del), remoteIdentity.o (del), rmutex.o (del), shutdownIdentity.o (del), tcpActive.o (del), tcpAddress.o (del), tcpConnection.o (del), tcpEndpoint.o (del), tcpTransportImpl.o (del), tracedthread.o (del), transportRules.o (del), uri.o (del)
syeas460 2011-01-13 14:05 Rev.: 7687

- Added the missing omniORB 4.1.4 libs.

0 lines of code changed in 85 files:

  • OMEdit/omniORB-4.1.4-mingw/src/lib/omniORB/orbcore/debug: GIOP_C.o (new), GIOP_S.o (new), Namingstub.o (new), SocketCollection.o (new), anonObject.o (new), bootstrapstub.o (new), callDescriptor.o (new), callHandle.o (new), cdrMemoryStream.o (new), cdrStream.o (new), cdrStreamAdapter.o (new), cdrValueChunkStream.o (new), codeSets.o (new), constants.o (new), corbaBoa.o (new), corbaFixed.o (new), corbaObject.o (new), corbaOrb.o (new), corbaString.o (new), corbaWString.o (new), cs-16bit.o (new), cs-8859-1.o (new), cs-8bit.o (new), cs-UTF-16.o (new), cs-UTF-8.o (new), current.o (new), dynamicLib.o (new), exception.o (new), exceptn.o (new), giopBiDir.o (new), giopEndpoint.o (new), giopImpl10.o (new), giopImpl11.o (new), giopImpl12.o (new), giopMonitor.o (new), giopRendezvouser.o (new), giopRope.o (new), giopServer.o (new), giopStrand.o (new), giopStream.o (new), giopStreamImpl.o (new), giopWorker.o (new), inProcessIdentity.o (new), initRefs.o (new), interceptors.o (new), invoker.o (new), ior.o (new), libcWrapper.o (new), libmsvcstubd.a (new), libomniORB4d.a (new), localIdentity.o (new), localObject.o (new), logIOstream.o (new), minorCode.o (new), msvcdllstub.o (new), objectAdapter.o (new), objectStub.o (new), omniIOR.o (new), omniIdentity.o (new), omniInternal.o (new), omniORB.o (new), omniObjRef.o (new), omniPolicy.o (new), omniServant.o (new), omniTransport.o (new), orbOptions.o (new), orbOptionsFile.o (new), orbOptionsReg.o (new), poa.o (new), poamanager.o (new), poastubs.o (new), policy.o (new), portableserver.o (new), proxyFactory.o (new), remoteIdentity.o (new), rmutex.o (new), shutdownIdentity.o (new), tcpActive.o (new), tcpAddress.o (new), tcpConnection.o (new), tcpEndpoint.o (new), tcpTransportImpl.o (new), tracedthread.o (new), transportRules.o (new), uri.o (new)
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