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#2619 Move OMPython to

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  • PythonInterface/Icons: LICENSES.txt (del), UsedIcons.doc (del), anonymous_simple_weather_symbols_1.png (del), development-python.png (del), dlr-LICENSES.txt (del), dlr-grid.png (del), dlr-splash.png (del), dlr-subplot-add.png (del), dlr-subplot-remove.png (del), document-save-5.png (del), draw-eraser-2.png (del), format-text-bold-3.png (del), list-add-4.png (del), list-remove-4.png (del), office-chart-line-stacked.png (del), open_icon_library-standard_LICENSES.txt (del), splash.png (del), splash.xcf (del), view-right-close.png (del), view-right-new-3.png (del), window-new-6.png (del), zoom-in-5.png (del)
AnandKGaneson 2012-12-26 00:51 Rev.: 14541

PySimulator0.5, installed with the OpenModelica plugin

0 lines of code changed in 22 files:

  • PythonInterface/Icons: LICENSES.txt (new), UsedIcons.doc (new), anonymous_simple_weather_symbols_1.png (new), development-python.png (new), dlr-LICENSES.txt (new), dlr-grid.png (new), dlr-splash.png (new), dlr-subplot-add.png (new), dlr-subplot-remove.png (new), document-save-5.png (new), draw-eraser-2.png (new), format-text-bold-3.png (new), list-add-4.png (new), list-remove-4.png (new), office-chart-line-stacked.png (new), open_icon_library-standard_LICENSES.txt (new), splash.png (new), splash.xcf (new), view-right-close.png (new), view-right-new-3.png (new), window-new-6.png (new), zoom-in-5.png (new)
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