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2011-02-08 16:16
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2013-01-25 15:24
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niklwors 2013-01-25 15:24 Rev.: 14939

Reorganized cpp runtime folders. Simplified solver interface methods. Removed unused functions. Renamed interfaces

0 lines of code changed in 178 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/fusion/include: accumulate.hpp (del), adapt_adt.hpp (del), adapt_adt_named.cpp (del), adapt_adt_named.hpp (del), adapt_assoc_adt.hpp (del), adapt_assoc_adt_named.hpp (del), adapt_assoc_class.hpp (del), adapt_assoc_class_named.hpp (del), adapt_assoc_struct.hpp (del), adapt_assoc_struct_named.hpp (del), adapt_struct.hpp (del), adapt_struct_named.hpp (del), adapted.hpp (del), adapter.hpp (del), advance.hpp (del), algorithm.hpp (del), all.hpp (del), any.hpp (del), array.hpp (del), as_deque.hpp (del), as_list.hpp (del), as_map.hpp (del), as_set.hpp (del), as_vector.hpp (del), at.hpp (del), at_c.hpp (del), at_key.hpp (del), back.hpp (del), begin.hpp (del), boost_array.hpp (del), boost_tuple.hpp (del), category_of.hpp (del), clear.hpp (del), comparison.hpp (del), cons.hpp (del), cons_tie.hpp (del), container.hpp (del), convert.hpp (del), count.hpp (del), count_if.hpp (del), deduce.hpp (del), deduce_sequence.hpp (del), define_assoc_struct.hpp (del), define_struct.hpp (del), deque.hpp (del), deque_fwd.hpp (del), deque_tie.hpp (del), deref.hpp (del), deref_data.hpp (del), distance.hpp (del), empty.hpp (del), end.hpp (del), equal_to.hpp (del), erase.hpp (del), erase_key.hpp (del), filter.hpp (del), filter_if.hpp (del), filter_view.hpp (del), find.hpp (del), find_if.hpp (del), fold.hpp (del), for_each.hpp (del), front.hpp (del), functional.hpp (del), fused.hpp (del), fused_function_object.hpp (del), fused_procedure.hpp (del), generation.hpp (del), greater.hpp (del), greater_equal.hpp (del), has_key.hpp (del), ignore.hpp (del), in.hpp (del), insert.hpp (del), insert_range.hpp (del), intrinsic.hpp (del), invocation.hpp (del), invoke.hpp (del), invoke_function_object.hpp (del), invoke_procedure.hpp (del), io.hpp (del), is_iterator.hpp (del), is_sequence.hpp (del), is_view.hpp (del), iter_fold.hpp (del), iteration.hpp (del), iterator.hpp (del), iterator_base.hpp (del), iterator_facade.hpp (del), iterator_range.hpp (del), join.hpp (del), joint_view.hpp (del), key_of.hpp (del), less.hpp (del), less_equal.hpp (del), list.hpp (del), list_fwd.hpp (del), list_tie.hpp (del), make_cons.hpp (del), make_deque.hpp (del), make_fused.hpp (del), make_fused_function_object.hpp (del), make_fused_procedure.hpp (del), make_list.hpp (del), make_map.hpp (del), make_set.hpp (del), make_tuple.hpp (del), make_unfused_generic.hpp (del), make_unfused_lvalue_args.hpp (del), make_unfused_rvalue_args.hpp (del), make_vector.hpp (del), map.hpp (del), map_fwd.hpp (del), map_tie.hpp (del), mpl.hpp (del), next.hpp (del), none.hpp (del), not_equal_to.hpp (del), nview.hpp (del), out.hpp (del), pair.hpp (del), pair_tie.hpp (del), pop_back.hpp (del), pop_front.hpp (del), prior.hpp (del), proxy_type.hpp (del), push_back.hpp (del), push_front.hpp (del), query.hpp (del), remove.hpp (del), remove_if.hpp (del), repetetive_view.hpp (del), replace.hpp (del), replace_if.hpp (del), reverse.hpp (del), reverse_fold.hpp (del), reverse_iter_fold.hpp (del), reverse_view.hpp (del), sequence.hpp (del), sequence_base.hpp (del), sequence_facade.hpp (del), set.hpp (del), set_fwd.hpp (del), single_view.hpp (del), size.hpp (del), std_pair.hpp (del), struct.hpp (del), support.hpp (del), swap.hpp (del), tag_of.hpp (del), tag_of_fwd.hpp (del), transform.hpp (del), transform_view.hpp (del), transformation.hpp (del), tuple.hpp (del), tuple_fwd.hpp (del), tuple_tie.hpp (del), unfused_generic.hpp (del), unfused_lvalue_args.hpp (del), unfused_rvalue_args.hpp (del), unfused_typed.hpp (del), unused.hpp (del), value_at.hpp (del), value_at_key.hpp (del), value_of.hpp (del), value_of_data.hpp (del), vector.hpp (del), vector10.hpp (del), vector20.hpp (del), vector30.hpp (del), vector40.hpp (del), vector50.hpp (del), vector_fwd.hpp (del), vector_tie.hpp (del), view.hpp (del), void.hpp (del), zip.hpp (del), zip_view.hpp (del)
niklwors 2011-02-08 16:16 Rev.: 7883

Added cpp simulation runtime SimulationRuntime/cpp
Binaries copied to trunk/build/bin/cpp and trunk/bin/lib/omc/cpp

0 lines of code changed in 178 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/fusion/include: accumulate.hpp (new), adapt_adt.hpp (new), adapt_adt_named.cpp (new), adapt_adt_named.hpp (new), adapt_assoc_adt.hpp (new), adapt_assoc_adt_named.hpp (new), adapt_assoc_class.hpp (new), adapt_assoc_class_named.hpp (new), adapt_assoc_struct.hpp (new), adapt_assoc_struct_named.hpp (new), adapt_struct.hpp (new), adapt_struct_named.hpp (new), adapted.hpp (new), adapter.hpp (new), advance.hpp (new), algorithm.hpp (new), all.hpp (new), any.hpp (new), array.hpp (new), as_deque.hpp (new), as_list.hpp (new), as_map.hpp (new), as_set.hpp (new), as_vector.hpp (new), at.hpp (new), at_c.hpp (new), at_key.hpp (new), back.hpp (new), begin.hpp (new), boost_array.hpp (new), boost_tuple.hpp (new), category_of.hpp (new), clear.hpp (new), comparison.hpp (new), cons.hpp (new), cons_tie.hpp (new), container.hpp (new), convert.hpp (new), count.hpp (new), count_if.hpp (new), deduce.hpp (new), deduce_sequence.hpp (new), define_assoc_struct.hpp (new), define_struct.hpp (new), deque.hpp (new), deque_fwd.hpp (new), deque_tie.hpp (new), deref.hpp (new), deref_data.hpp (new), distance.hpp (new), empty.hpp (new), end.hpp (new), equal_to.hpp (new), erase.hpp (new), erase_key.hpp (new), filter.hpp (new), filter_if.hpp (new), filter_view.hpp (new), find.hpp (new), find_if.hpp (new), fold.hpp (new), for_each.hpp (new), front.hpp (new), functional.hpp (new), fused.hpp (new), fused_function_object.hpp (new), fused_procedure.hpp (new), generation.hpp (new), greater.hpp (new), greater_equal.hpp (new), has_key.hpp (new), ignore.hpp (new), in.hpp (new), insert.hpp (new), insert_range.hpp (new), intrinsic.hpp (new), invocation.hpp (new), invoke.hpp (new), invoke_function_object.hpp (new), invoke_procedure.hpp (new), io.hpp (new), is_iterator.hpp (new), is_sequence.hpp (new), is_view.hpp (new), iter_fold.hpp (new), iteration.hpp (new), iterator.hpp (new), iterator_base.hpp (new), iterator_facade.hpp (new), iterator_range.hpp (new), join.hpp (new), joint_view.hpp (new), key_of.hpp (new), less.hpp (new), less_equal.hpp (new), list.hpp (new), list_fwd.hpp (new), list_tie.hpp (new), make_cons.hpp (new), make_deque.hpp (new), make_fused.hpp (new), make_fused_function_object.hpp (new), make_fused_procedure.hpp (new), make_list.hpp (new), make_map.hpp (new), make_set.hpp (new), make_tuple.hpp (new), make_unfused_generic.hpp (new), make_unfused_lvalue_args.hpp (new), make_unfused_rvalue_args.hpp (new), make_vector.hpp (new), map.hpp (new), map_fwd.hpp (new), map_tie.hpp (new), mpl.hpp (new), next.hpp (new), none.hpp (new), not_equal_to.hpp (new), nview.hpp (new), out.hpp (new), pair.hpp (new), pair_tie.hpp (new), pop_back.hpp (new), pop_front.hpp (new), prior.hpp (new), proxy_type.hpp (new), push_back.hpp (new), push_front.hpp (new), query.hpp (new), remove.hpp (new), remove_if.hpp (new), repetetive_view.hpp (new), replace.hpp (new), replace_if.hpp (new), reverse.hpp (new), reverse_fold.hpp (new), reverse_iter_fold.hpp (new), reverse_view.hpp (new), sequence.hpp (new), sequence_base.hpp (new), sequence_facade.hpp (new), set.hpp (new), set_fwd.hpp (new), single_view.hpp (new), size.hpp (new), std_pair.hpp (new), struct.hpp (new), support.hpp (new), swap.hpp (new), tag_of.hpp (new), tag_of_fwd.hpp (new), transform.hpp (new), transform_view.hpp (new), transformation.hpp (new), tuple.hpp (new), tuple_fwd.hpp (new), tuple_tie.hpp (new), unfused_generic.hpp (new), unfused_lvalue_args.hpp (new), unfused_rvalue_args.hpp (new), unfused_typed.hpp (new), unused.hpp (new), value_at.hpp (new), value_at_key.hpp (new), value_of.hpp (new), value_of_data.hpp (new), vector.hpp (new), vector10.hpp (new), vector20.hpp (new), vector30.hpp (new), vector40.hpp (new), vector50.hpp (new), vector_fwd.hpp (new), vector_tie.hpp (new), view.hpp (new), void.hpp (new), zip.hpp (new), zip_view.hpp (new)
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