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2011-02-08 16:16
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2013-01-25 15:24
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niklwors 2013-01-25 15:24 Rev.: 14939

Reorganized cpp runtime folders. Simplified solver interface methods. Removed unused functions. Renamed interfaces

0 lines of code changed in 93 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/mpl/aux_: O1_size_impl.hpp (del), adl_barrier.hpp (del), advance_backward.hpp (del), advance_forward.hpp (del), apply_1st.hpp (del), arg_typedef.hpp (del), arithmetic_op.hpp (del), arity.hpp (del), arity_spec.hpp (del), at_impl.hpp (del), back_impl.hpp (del), basic_bind.hpp (del), begin_end_impl.hpp (del), clear_impl.hpp (del), common_name_wknd.hpp (del), comparison_op.hpp (del), contains_impl.hpp (del), count_args.hpp (del), count_impl.hpp (del), empty_impl.hpp (del), erase_impl.hpp (del), erase_key_impl.hpp (del), filter_iter.hpp (del), find_if_pred.hpp (del), fold_impl.hpp (del), fold_impl_body.hpp (del), fold_op.hpp (del), fold_pred.hpp (del), front_impl.hpp (del), full_lambda.hpp (del), has_apply.hpp (del), has_begin.hpp (del), has_key_impl.hpp (del), has_rebind.hpp (del), has_size.hpp (del), has_tag.hpp (del), has_type.hpp (del), include_preprocessed.hpp (del), insert_impl.hpp (del), insert_range_impl.hpp (del), inserter_algorithm.hpp (del), integral_wrapper.hpp (del), is_msvc_eti_arg.hpp (del), iter_apply.hpp (del), iter_fold_if_impl.hpp (del), iter_fold_impl.hpp (del), iter_push_front.hpp (del), joint_iter.hpp (del), lambda_arity_param.hpp (del), lambda_no_ctps.hpp (del), lambda_spec.hpp (del), lambda_support.hpp (del), largest_int.hpp (del), logical_op.hpp (del), msvc_dtw.hpp (del), msvc_eti_base.hpp (del), msvc_is_class.hpp (del), msvc_never_true.hpp (del), msvc_type.hpp (del), na.hpp (del), na_assert.hpp (del), na_fwd.hpp (del), na_spec.hpp (del), nested_type_wknd.hpp (del), nttp_decl.hpp (del), numeric_cast_utils.hpp (del), numeric_op.hpp (del), order_impl.hpp (del), overload_names.hpp (del), partition_op.hpp (del), pop_back_impl.hpp (del), pop_front_impl.hpp (del), ptr_to_ref.hpp (del), push_back_impl.hpp (del), push_front_impl.hpp (del), reverse_fold_impl.hpp (del), reverse_fold_impl_body.hpp (del), reverse_iter_fold_impl.hpp (del), sequence_wrapper.hpp (del), shift_op.hpp (del), single_element_iter.hpp (del), size_impl.hpp (del), sort_impl.hpp (del), static_cast.hpp (del), template_arity.hpp (del), template_arity_fwd.hpp (del), test.hpp (del), traits_lambda_spec.hpp (del), transform_iter.hpp (del), type_wrapper.hpp (del), unwrap.hpp (del), value_wknd.hpp (del), yes_no.hpp (del)
niklwors 2011-02-08 16:16 Rev.: 7883

Added cpp simulation runtime SimulationRuntime/cpp
Binaries copied to trunk/build/bin/cpp and trunk/bin/lib/omc/cpp

0 lines of code changed in 93 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/mpl/aux_: O1_size_impl.hpp (new), adl_barrier.hpp (new), advance_backward.hpp (new), advance_forward.hpp (new), apply_1st.hpp (new), arg_typedef.hpp (new), arithmetic_op.hpp (new), arity.hpp (new), arity_spec.hpp (new), at_impl.hpp (new), back_impl.hpp (new), basic_bind.hpp (new), begin_end_impl.hpp (new), clear_impl.hpp (new), common_name_wknd.hpp (new), comparison_op.hpp (new), contains_impl.hpp (new), count_args.hpp (new), count_impl.hpp (new), empty_impl.hpp (new), erase_impl.hpp (new), erase_key_impl.hpp (new), filter_iter.hpp (new), find_if_pred.hpp (new), fold_impl.hpp (new), fold_impl_body.hpp (new), fold_op.hpp (new), fold_pred.hpp (new), front_impl.hpp (new), full_lambda.hpp (new), has_apply.hpp (new), has_begin.hpp (new), has_key_impl.hpp (new), has_rebind.hpp (new), has_size.hpp (new), has_tag.hpp (new), has_type.hpp (new), include_preprocessed.hpp (new), insert_impl.hpp (new), insert_range_impl.hpp (new), inserter_algorithm.hpp (new), integral_wrapper.hpp (new), is_msvc_eti_arg.hpp (new), iter_apply.hpp (new), iter_fold_if_impl.hpp (new), iter_fold_impl.hpp (new), iter_push_front.hpp (new), joint_iter.hpp (new), lambda_arity_param.hpp (new), lambda_no_ctps.hpp (new), lambda_spec.hpp (new), lambda_support.hpp (new), largest_int.hpp (new), logical_op.hpp (new), msvc_dtw.hpp (new), msvc_eti_base.hpp (new), msvc_is_class.hpp (new), msvc_never_true.hpp (new), msvc_type.hpp (new), na.hpp (new), na_assert.hpp (new), na_fwd.hpp (new), na_spec.hpp (new), nested_type_wknd.hpp (new), nttp_decl.hpp (new), numeric_cast_utils.hpp (new), numeric_op.hpp (new), order_impl.hpp (new), overload_names.hpp (new), partition_op.hpp (new), pop_back_impl.hpp (new), pop_front_impl.hpp (new), ptr_to_ref.hpp (new), push_back_impl.hpp (new), push_front_impl.hpp (new), reverse_fold_impl.hpp (new), reverse_fold_impl_body.hpp (new), reverse_iter_fold_impl.hpp (new), sequence_wrapper.hpp (new), shift_op.hpp (new), single_element_iter.hpp (new), size_impl.hpp (new), sort_impl.hpp (new), static_cast.hpp (new), template_arity.hpp (new), template_arity_fwd.hpp (new), test.hpp (new), traits_lambda_spec.hpp (new), transform_iter.hpp (new), type_wrapper.hpp (new), unwrap.hpp (new), value_wknd.hpp (new), yes_no.hpp (new)
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