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2011-02-08 16:16
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2013-01-25 15:24
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niklwors 2013-01-25 15:24 Rev.: 14939

Reorganized cpp runtime folders. Simplified solver interface methods. Removed unused functions. Renamed interfaces

0 lines of code changed in 40 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/tr1/tr1: algorithm (del), array (del), bitset (del), cmath (del), complex (del), deque (del), exception (del), fstream (del), functional (del), iomanip (del), ios (del), iostream (del), istream (del), iterator (del), limits (del), list (del), locale (del), map (del), memory (del), new (del), numeric (del), ostream (del), queue (del), random (del), regex (del), set (del), sstream (del), stack (del), stdexcept (del), streambuf (del), string (del), strstream (del), tuple (del), type_traits (del), typeinfo (del), unordered_map (del), unordered_set (del), utility (del), valarray (del), vector (del)
niklwors 2011-02-08 16:16 Rev.: 7883

Added cpp simulation runtime SimulationRuntime/cpp
Binaries copied to trunk/build/bin/cpp and trunk/bin/lib/omc/cpp

0 lines of code changed in 40 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/tr1/tr1: algorithm (new), array (new), bitset (new), cmath (new), complex (new), deque (new), exception (new), fstream (new), functional (new), iomanip (new), ios (new), iostream (new), istream (new), iterator (new), limits (new), list (new), locale (new), map (new), memory (new), new (new), numeric (new), ostream (new), queue (new), random (new), regex (new), set (new), sstream (new), stack (new), stdexcept (new), streambuf (new), string (new), strstream (new), tuple (new), type_traits (new), typeinfo (new), unordered_map (new), unordered_set (new), utility (new), valarray (new), vector (new)
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