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2011-02-08 16:16
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2013-01-25 15:24
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niklwors 2013-01-25 15:24 Rev.: 14939

Reorganized cpp runtime folders. Simplified solver interface methods. Removed unused functions. Renamed interfaces

0 lines of code changed in 25 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/typeof: encode_decode.hpp (del), encode_decode_params.hpp (del), incr_registration_group.hpp (del), int_encoding.hpp (del), integral_template_param.hpp (del), message.hpp (del), modifiers.hpp (del), native.hpp (del), pointers_data_members.hpp (del), register_functions.hpp (del), register_functions_iterate.hpp (del), register_fundamental.hpp (del), register_mem_functions.hpp (del), template_encoding.hpp (del), template_template_param.hpp (del), type_encoding.hpp (del), type_template_param.hpp (del), typeof.hpp (del), typeof_impl.hpp (del), unsupported.hpp (del), vector.hpp (del), vector100.hpp (del), vector150.hpp (del), vector200.hpp (del), vector50.hpp (del)
niklwors 2011-02-08 16:16 Rev.: 7883

Added cpp simulation runtime SimulationRuntime/cpp
Binaries copied to trunk/build/bin/cpp and trunk/bin/lib/omc/cpp

0 lines of code changed in 25 files:

  • SimulationRuntime/cpp/Source/3rdParty/boost_1_45_0/boost/typeof: encode_decode.hpp (new), encode_decode_params.hpp (new), incr_registration_group.hpp (new), int_encoding.hpp (new), integral_template_param.hpp (new), message.hpp (new), modifiers.hpp (new), native.hpp (new), pointers_data_members.hpp (new), register_functions.hpp (new), register_functions_iterate.hpp (new), register_fundamental.hpp (new), register_mem_functions.hpp (new), template_encoding.hpp (new), template_template_param.hpp (new), type_encoding.hpp (new), type_template_param.hpp (new), typeof.hpp (new), typeof_impl.hpp (new), unsupported.hpp (new), vector.hpp (new), vector100.hpp (new), vector150.hpp (new), vector200.hpp (new), vector50.hpp (new)
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