The Modelica Annex60 library is a free open-source library with classes (models, functions, etc.) that codify and demonstrate best practices for the implementation of models for building and community energy and control systems. The library is developed within the Annex 60 project http://www.iea-annex60.org of the International Energy Agency's Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme.

Many models are based on models from the package Modelica.Fluid and use the same ports to ensure compatibility with models from that library. However, a design change is that models from the Annex60 library do not require the use of Modelica.Fluid.System as applications in buildings often have multiple fluids with largely varying flow rates, and therefore a global declaration is impractical.

The development page for this library has been https://github.com/iea-annex60/modelica-annex60. Future development will continue on https://github.com/ibpsa/modelica. We welcome contributions from different users to further advance this library, whether it is through collaborative model development, through model use and testing or through requirements definition or by providing feedback regarding the model applicability to solve specific problems.

The library has the following User's Guides:

Fluid Package for one-dimensional fluid in piping networks with heat exchangers, valves, etc.
Fluid.Actuators Package with valves and air dampers.
Fluid.Movers Package with fans and pumps.
Fluid.Sensors Package with sensors.
Fluid.Interfaces Base models that can be used by developers to implement new models.


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