Logo of IEA EBC The Annex60 library is a free library that provides more than 300 classes (models, functions, etc.) for the development of Modelica libraries for building and community energy and control systems. The library is compatible with models from the Modelica Standard Library, in particular with models from Modelica.Fluid and Modelica.Media.

The library is developed through the international collaborative project IEA EBC Annex 60, New Generation Computational Tools for Building and Community Energy Systems, that is carried out within the implementation agreement Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC), of the International Energy Agency.

The intent of the library is that it will be extended by implementations of Modelica libraries that are targeted to end-users. Major goals are

Hence, this library is typically not used directly by end-users, but rather by developers of libraries that will be distributed to end-users. Libraries that are using the Annex60 library as their core, or that are working on using the Annex60 as their core, include, in alphabetic order:

The library also contains more than 300 example and validation models. For Dymola, each of these example and validation models contains a script that simulates it and plots certain variables of interest.

The web page for this library is https://github.com/iea-annex60/modelica-annex60. Contributions to further advance the library are welcomed. Contributions may not only be in the form of model development, but also through model use, model testing and validation, requirements definition or providing feedback regarding the model applicability to solve specific problems. In 2017, the development of the Annex 60 library will be continued under the IBPSA Project 1 at https://github.com/ibpsa/modelica.


Name Description
UsersGuide User's Guide
Airflow Package to compute airflow and contaminant transport between rooms
BoundaryConditions Package with models for boundary conditions
Controls Package with models for controls
Fluid Package with models for fluid flow systems
Media Package with medium models
ThermalZones Models for BuildingPhysics
Utilities Package with utility functions such as for I/O
Types Package with type definitions
Experimental Package with experimental models

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