About the BioChem Library

BioChem is a package for biochemical modeling and simulation with Modelica.

Basic idea of the library

The design idea behind the BioChem library is to create a general purpose Modelica library for modeling, simulation and visualization of biological and biochemical systems. The classes implemented in the BioChem library describe substances and reactions that can take place in-between these substances in a diverse number of biochemical pathways.

Library Structure

Since the design objective for BioChem was to provide properties and attributes that are common in biological and biochemical systems the library contains several packages holding classes and partial models. The classes can be used as they are in sub libraries to BioChem, while the partial models must be further extended to fully functional models.

Users Guide

Users Guide discusses some aspects of the BioChem Library, including a Getting Started chapter.


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Packages in the library


Name Description
 Units Units used in BioChem
 Substances Reaction nodes
 Reactions Reaction edges
 Interfaces Connection points and icons used in the BioChem package
 Constants Mathematical constants and constants of nature
 Compartments Different types of compartments used in the package
 Icons Icons
 Examples Some examples of BioChem models



The first version of the library was created by Emma Larsdotter Nilsson at Linköping University. The current version of the library has been further developed by Erik Ulfhielm at Linköping University, and by MathCore Engineering AB.

Copyright © 2005-2015 MathCore Engineering AB, Linköpings universitet and Modelica Association

The BioChem library is free software released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.


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