This package contains reaction models. Each reaction is represented by an arrow, and substances are connected to the arrowheads. The reactions in this package accept one to three reactants and products, and some reactions also need an activator/inhibitor/modifier. Substances are connected to the arrowheads, and activators/inhibitors/modifiers are connected to the top or bottom of the circle containing a plus, a minus or the letter M.

Reactions can take place between two compartments. If the reaction has more than one substrates or products, all substrates need to be located in one compartment, and all products also need to be in one compartment.


Name Description
MassAction Mass-action kinetics reactions
MichaelisMenten Michaelis-Menten kinetics reactions
Inhibition Inhibition kinetics reactions
HyperbolicModifier Hyperbolic modifier kinetics reactions
Hill Hill reactions kinetics
BiSubstrate Bi-substrate reactions
Activation Activation kinetics reactions
FastEquilibrium Base classes for reactions with fast (instant) equilibrium

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