The basic passive modeling elements used in the bond graph methodology are:

These elements are collected here.


RThe bondgraphic linear resistor element
mRThe bondgraphic modulated resistor element
HydroRThe bondgraphic hydraulic resistor element
HydromRThe bondgraphic hydraulic modulated resistor element
RFThe bondgraphic linear TwoPort resistive field element
GThe bondgraphic linear conductor element
mGThe bondgraphic modulated rconductor element
HydroGThe bondgraphic hydraulic conductor element
HydromGThe bondgraphic hydraulic modulated conductor element
GFThe bondgraphic linear TwoPort conductive field element
CThe bondgraphic linear capacitor element
mCThe bondgraphic modulated capacitor element
CFThe bondgraphic linear TwoPort capacitive field element
IThe bondgraphic linear inductor element
mIThe bondgraphic modulated inductor element
IFThe bondgraphic linear TwoPort inductive field element
TFThe bondgraphic linear transformer element
mTFThe bondgraphic modulated transformer element
GYThe bondgraphic linear gyrator element
mGYThe bondgraphic modulated gyrator element

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