This package contains functions for state variables for moist air:

       p_sat = f(T)             Function for the saturation vapor pressure, dependent on T.
       T_sat = f(enthalphy)     Function for the saturation temperature, dependent on the enthalpy.
       x = f(p,p_sat, phi)      Function for the absolute humidity, dependent on p, p_sat and phi.
       x_sat = f(p,p_sat)       Function for the absolute humidity under saturation conditions, dependent on p and psat.
       enthalpy = f(T,x,x_sat)  Function of the enthalpy of moist air, dependent on T, X and x_sat.
       T_dp = f(p)              Function of dew point temperature, dependent on p.
       p = f(x, p_air))         Function of vapor pressure, dependent on x and p_air.


Name Description
 T_dp Dew point temperature dependent on air pressure
 T_sat Saturation temperature dependent on enthalpy
 enthalpy Specific enthalpy dependent on temperature, absolute moisture and absolute moisture at saturation
 p Partial pressure of vapour dependent on absolute moisture and air pressure
 p_sat Saturation vapor pressure dependent on temperature
 x Absolute humidity dependent on air pressure, saturation pressure and relative humidity
 x_sat Absolute humidity at saturation

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