The BuildingSystems library is a free library for building energy and plant simulation.

The web page for this library is http://www.modelica-buildingsystems.de.


Name Description
 UsersGuide User's Guide
 Airflow Package to compute airflow and contaminant transport between rooms
 Applications Package with applications of the BuildingSystems library to different domains
 BoundaryConditions Package with models for boundary conditions
 Buildings Package with building models and building sub-components
 Climate Package with climate data and radiation calculation models
 Controls Package with models for controls
 Fluid Package with models for fluid flow systems
 Geometries Package for geometric modelling
 HAM Package with heat, air and moisture transport models
 Media Package with medium models
 Technologies Package with models of building technologies
 ThermalZones Models for BuildingPhysics
 Utilities Package with utility functions such as for I/O
 Types Package with type definitions
 Interfaces Package with base and complex connector types of the library

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