This component computes the length of a shadow projected onto a horizontal plane into the direction that is perpendicular to the surface azimuth azi.

The parameter azi is the azimuth of the surface that is perpendicular to the direction of the view. For example, if azi=Buildings.Types.Azimuth.S, then one is looking towards South. Hence, in the Northern hemisphere, at noon, the length of the shadow is negative as one is looking towards South but the shadow is in ones back. Similarly, for azi=Buildings.Types.Azimuth.E, there is a shade of negative length in the morning, and of positive length in the afternoon. The example Buildings.BoundaryConditions.SolarGeometry.Examples.ProjectedShadowLength illustrates this.

For a definition of the parameters, see the User's Guide Buildings.BoundaryConditions.UsersGuide. The surface azimuth is defined in Buildings.Types.Azimuth.

The component requires as parameters the longitude, latitude and time zone. These can automatically be assigned by setting the parameter filNam to a weather data file, in which case these values are read from the weather data file.


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