This package contains basic classes that are used to build component models for electrical systems. The classes are not directly usable, but can be extended when building a new model.


Name Description
BaseTerminal Empty connector used by partial models
CapacitiveLoad Partial model of a capacitive load
Ground Generalized model of a ground connection.
Impedance Partial model representing a generalized impedance
InductiveLoad Partial model of an inductive load
Load Partial model for a generic load
PartialBaseTwoPort Model of a generic two port component
PartialConversion Model representing a generic two port system for conversion
PartialPV Base model for a PV system
PartialPVOriented Base model of a PV system with orientation
PartialPvBase Partial model with basic parameters for PVs
PartialTwoPort Model of a generic two port component with phase systems
PartialWindTurbine Partial model of a wind turbine with power output based on table as a function of wind speed
PartialWindTurbineBase Base class for turbine model that contains basic parameters
ResistiveLoad Partial model of a resistive load
Source Partial model of a generic source.
Terminal Generalized electric terminal
VariableVoltageSource Partial model of a generic variable voltage source.
PartialAcDcParameters Partial model that contains basic parameters for a DC/AC conversion system
PartialPluggableUnbalanced Partial interface for unbalanced loads


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