This package contains examples with step-by-step instructions for how to build a system model for space cooling as shown in the figure below. The temperautures correspond to design conditions that will be used to size the components. The room heat capacity has been increased by a factor of three to approximate the thermal storage effect of furniture and building constructions.


The model consists of

  1. a room with a cooling load due to internal heat gains and due to conductive heat gains from the environment,
  2. a fresh air supply with a heat recovery, a cooling coil and a fan. The fan is operating continuously at full speed. The room air temperature is controlled by a controller that switches the water flow rate through the coil on and off with a dead-band of 1 Kelvin.

To explain the implementation of this model, the model has been created in the following three stages:

  1. Buildings.Examples.Tutorial.SpaceCooling.System1 implements the room model without air supply.
  2. Buildings.Examples.Tutorial.SpaceCooling.System2 implements the air supply with open-loop control.
  3. Buildings.Examples.Tutorial.SpaceCooling.System3 adds closed-loop control.


System1First part of the system model, consisting of the room with heat transfer
System2Second part of the system model with air supply and open loop control
System3Third part of the system model with air supply and closed loop control

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