This model consist of an HVAC system, a building envelope model and a model for air flow through building leakage and through open doors.

The HVAC system is a variable air volume (VAV) flow system with economizer and a heating and cooling coil in the air handler unit. There is also a reheat coil and an air damper in each of the five zone inlet branches.

See the model Buildings.Examples.VAVReheat.BaseClasses.PartialHVAC for a description of the HVAC system, and see the model Buildings.Examples.VAVReheat.BaseClasses.Floor for a description of the building envelope.

The control is based on ASHRAE Guideline 36, and implemented using the sequences from the library Buildings.Controls.OBC.ASHRAE.G36 for multi-zone VAV systems with economizer. The schematic diagram of the HVAC and control sequence is shown in the figure below.


A similar model but with a different control sequence can be found in Buildings.Examples.VAVReheat.ASHRAE2006. Note that this model, because of the frequent time sampling, has longer computing time than Buildings.Examples.VAVReheat.ASHRAE2006. The reason is that the time integrator cannot make large steps because it needs to set a time step each time the control samples its input.


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