This package contains component models for two- and three-way valves. For motor models, see Buildings.Fluid.Actuators.Motors.


Name Description
ThreeWayEqualPercentageLinear Three way valve with equal percentage and linear characteristics
ThreeWayLinear Three way valve with linear characteristics
ThreeWayTable Three way valve with table-specified characteristics
TwoWayEqualPercentage Two way valve with equal percentage flow characteristics
TwoWayLinear Two way valve with linear flow characteristics
TwoWayPolynomial Two way valve with polynomial characteristic
TwoWayPressureIndependent Model of a pressure-independent two way valve
TwoWayQuickOpening Two way valve with quick opening flow characteristics
TwoWayTable Two way valve with table-specified flow characteristics
Data Data records for table-based valves
Examples Collection of models that illustrate model use and test models
Validation Collection of validation models

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