This package contains components for fluid flow systems such as pumps, valves and sensors. For other fluid flow models, see Modelica.Fluid.


UsersGuideUser's Guide
ActuatorsPackage with actuator models such as valves and dampers
BoilersPackage with boiler models
CHPsPackage with model for combined heat and power device
ChillersPackage with chiller models
DXSystemsDX(Direct Expansion) cooling coil models
DelaysPackage with delay models
FMIPackage with base classes that facilitate exporting models as an FMU
FixedResistancesPackage with models for fixed flow resistances
GeothermalPackage with models for geothermal heat exchange
HeatExchangersPackage with heat exchanger models
HeatPumpsPackage with models for heat pumps
HumidifiersPackage with humidifier models
HydronicConfigurationsPackage with common hydronic configurations
MassExchangersPackage with mass exchanger models
MixingVolumesPackage with mixing volumes
MoversPackage with fan and pump models
SensorsPackage with sensor models
SolarCollectorsPackage with models for solar collectors
SourcesPackage with boundary condition models
StoragePackage with thermal energy storage models
UtilitiesPackage with utility functions
DataData for fluid models
TypesPackage with type definitions
ExamplesExample models integrating multiple components
InterfacesPackage with interfaces for fluid models
BaseClassesPackage with base classes for Buildings.Fluid

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