This package contains blocks that serve as containers for exporting models from Buildings.Fluid as a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU).

This allows using models from Buildings.Fluid, add them to a block that only has input and output signals, but no acausal connectors, and then export the model as a Functional Mockup Unit. Models can be individual models or systems that are composed of various models. For more information, see the User's Guide.


Name Description
UsersGuide User's Guide
FlowSplitter_u Model of a flow splitter that can be exported as an FMU
Sink_T Model of a sink with temperature for reverse flow as an input that can be exported as an FMU
Source_T Model of a boundary with mass flow rate, pressure and temperature as an input that can be exported as an FMU
Adaptors Package with adaptors to connect models with fluid ports and models with signal ports
Conversion Package with blocks that convert between different connectors
ExportContainers Package with containers to export thermofluid flow models
Validation Collection of validation models
Interfaces Package with interfaces for models that serves as an FMU container
BaseClasses Package with base classes for Buildings.Fluid.FMI

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