This model describes a fan or pump with prescribed head. The input connector provides the difference between outlet minus inlet pressure. The efficiency of the device is computed based on the efficiency and pressure curves that are defined in record per, which is of type Buildings.Fluid.Movers.SpeedControlled_Nrpm.

Main equations

See the User's Guide.

Typical use and important parameters

If use_inputFilter=true, then the parameter dp_nominal is used to normalize the filter. This is used to improve the numerics of the transient response. The actual pressure raise of the mover at steady-state is independent of the value of dp_nominal. It is recommended to set dp_nominal to approximately the pressure raise that the mover has during full speed.


Parameter prescribeSystemPressure can be used to control the mover such that the pressure difference set point is obtained across two points in the system, instead of across the fan. This allows an efficient implementation of static pressure reset controllers. A measurement of the pressure difference between the two points in system then needs to be connected to RealInput dpMea. This functionality is demonstrated in Buildings.Fluid.Movers.Validation.FlowControlled_dpSystem.


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