This is a model of a pressure expansion vessel. The vessel has a constant pressure that is equal to the value of the parameter p_start. The model takes into account the energy and mass balance of the medium. It has no heat exchange with the ambient.

The expansion vessel needs to be used in closed loops that contain water to set a reference pressure and, for liquids where the density is modeled as a function of temperature, to allow for the thermal expansion of the liquid.

Note that alternatively, the model Buildings.Fluid.Sources.Boundary_pT may be used to set a reference pressure. The main difference between these two models is that in this model, there is an energy and mass balance for the volume. In contrast, for Buildings.Fluid.Sources.Boundary_pT, any mass flow rate that flows out of the model will be at a user-specified temperature. Therefore, Buildings.Fluid.Sources.Boundary_pT leads to smaller systems of equations, which may result in faster simulation.


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